KINGS & PAWNS: The Bloodlines of Bourbon Orleans is a storybook featuring namesakes of New Orleans,
tales of former governors, and the in-depth history of 717 Orleans Avenue, an address steeped in a detailed
heritage of controversial yet culturally influential venues. Where once opera reigned at the old Orleans Theatre,
where Creole society celebrated at the Orleans Ballroom, and where the Sisters of the Holy Family housed the
first African-American convent in America, the address of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel offers many a story to tell.
The illustrious city of New Orleans is indeed an enigma with many a tale to be told.
Her history is a poem written by time and regaled by those who choose to remember.
Kings & Pawns is a storybook about her legends of rulers, leaders, countrymen, and fools.
Kings & Pawns: The Bloodlines of Bourbon-Orleans         by Laura Kuhn         Copyright © 2012
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